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Top 3 Ways To Care For Your Hair At Home

Well, it's official you guys. The NRG Hair Studio now has a blog. Why not bring salon tips straight to your home...or wherever you're at...through your screen? Every week or so a short blog will be published on something hair related. This week it's all things hair care within the comfort of your own home. So without further a do, let's dive in.

Hair care goes beyond the salon chair. It firsts starts at home and with you. Here are three simple ways to care for your hair between salon visits.

# 1 - A Healthy Diet

Our eating habits plays a role when it comes to the health of our hair. A poor diet, over a period of time, can possibly lead to hair thinning, lack of shine, or even hair loss. A proper diet can help your hair to stay strong and shiny preventing excessive breakage. A plus to healthy eating is that our entire body benefits from it from our hair to our nails, skin, gut....there are no cons when choosing this lifestyle.

# 2 - Moisturize

Going under the steamer is not the only way to add moisture to your hair. You can oil your scalp (castor oil is great), if you feel comfortable with handling your hair by yourself you can do masks and/or deep conditionings, etc... There are many ways to moisturize your hair.

# 3 - Limit Pulling

Don't use things that pull on your hair too much even when it comes to your protective styles. Protective styles aren't really protective if they are pulling on your edges for a long period of time. If you're going to put your hair up try not to catch it up too tight. Maybe you want your hair out of the way, try using a loose headband to get the job done. Slick backs are great hairstyles but there won't be anything to pull back if your edges are constantly being tugged on. Even if you don't lose your edges you don't want it to break easily or start thinning so limit pulling on your hair as much as possible.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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