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Caring For Your Locs In Between Salon Visits

So you have locs? Great. While locs may seem low maintenance, and they are, that doesn't mean they should not be taken care of. We see the consequences of this all the time with breakage, dryness, thinning, here are a few, simple tips to help keep your locs healthy in between your salon visits.

- Of course, make sure you're keeping up with wash days. Washing helps with dirt, product build-up, and smell.

- After washing, make sure your locs are thoroughly and properly dried.

- OIL YOUR SCALP. It could be once every week or every two weeks...oil your scalp y'all. Locs need moisture so while you don't want greasy you can't go wrong with being generous.

- Use satin and silk scarves to cover them before bed. Not only do they help with moisture but they can help prevent breakage as well because of the material.

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