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Habits You Didn’t Know That Are Damaging Your Hair

# 1 - Your Hair Washing Routine

Yep! That’s right. Over-washing your hair can dry it out and strip your hair of its natural oils. Under washing it can harm it too by clogging you pores and/or limiting hair growth.

# 2 - Hot Water

We all love the feeling of having nice mildly hot water going through our scalp but the truth is, our hair doesn’t. Excessive hot water on our hair can once again strip the hair of its oils AND increase hair breakage…which can lead to hair loss.

# 3 - All The Heat And No Protectant

You’re probably thinking, “Oh I go to the salon to press my hair an my stylist uses a protectant” and that’s great but what about when you blow dry (outside of the salon). Heat protectant is needed for blow dry's too. The high heat can cause hair strands to dry out and split and no one is a fan of split ends. Better to be safe and use a protectant than sorry : )

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