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For The One Unsure About Getting Locs

July 2022 was when I decided that I either get locs or I cut off my hair. Being 18 and still tender headed is embarrassing.

"You'll grow out of it," they said.

"Your just being dramatic," they said.

"It won't last for long," they said.

Well they all lied. For some reason my scalp is incredibly tender and contrary to popular belief, I do not cry for fun. So yes enough was enough. Fast forward to August and I cried for quite possibly the last time when it comes to my hair because I started my loc journey.

I got my retightening about two weeks ago fully prepared it was going to hurt but not as bad as it would be before I started my locs. Imagine my surprise when I felt nothing...I mean I felt something but compared to what I'm used to, it felt like nothing. I wanted to cry but for joy this time. Is this it?? For the first time I was able to talk to people and go on my phone while getting my hair done. What a miracle!

So if you've been iffy about getting locs. Go for it. The process can be lengthy, there might be a ugly phase BUT it's low maintenance and if you're tender headed it helps a bunch. I'm so happy I started mine.

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