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Hiding Bald Spots

Bald spots are common. It could be due to postpartum, some medications that cause hair thinning/loss, hair mistakes like the styles we choose to wear on a daily basis, or simply just age and possibly genetics.

Whatever the reasoning is the problem is the bald spot and you're here to find a possible solution that will help to cover it.

# 1 - Crochet Braids

I can only speak based on experience and what we see here at the salon. A lot of clients come in wanting to hide the bald spots in the middle of their heads and it's always amazing to watch my mom and aunt do what I'd like to call magic with the help of a hair net.

# 2 - A new parting?

Some of us have that one part we always wear whenever it's time to get our hair done and I get it, trust me I have one myself. Though our handy dandy partings can fade sometimes leaving thinning of hair or consequently a bald spot because we wear them too much. So switch it up. Maybe if you wear your parts on the left try out parting on the right and let it breathe.

# 3 - Try a wig

I know wearing a wig is not everyone's favorite option but it can be a reliable one. Let's be honest here not only do we want to hide the bald spots but also fix the problem. Wigs do a good job of hiding everything while we work on our problem which in this case, is baldness. Be careful though because they can do more harm than good if you're not careful.

Now as for actually trying to fix bald/thinning hair; maybe one day we'll talk about that.

Other possible helpful tips:

- Makeup (you'd be surprised...)

- Headwraps (if you're not a fan of wigs)

- Hair root cover-up products (for thinning hair)

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