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Rocking The Summer With Styles

When it comes to the summer time the first thing that comes to mind is the heat and the second thing that comes to mind is the unnecessary heat that I don't need. Truth is I'm sure none of us want to be hot and some of us will do almost anything to prevent having to deal with the extra heat which includes how we style our hair.

Here are three hairstyles to wear during the summer time to help with the heat.

Bonus, they're all protective styles too. I got you girl, you're welcome.

# 1 - Braids

Whether that's box braids, knotless braids, or a braided ponytail these are great for the summer time. The thing that I love most about these styles are how versatile (is that the word??) they are especially the box/knotless braids. You can put them up or down....or up and down. They are very easy to style AND they can last you for a long time (up to 7 weeks). As for the braided ponytail/bun, it's pretty simple, if you don't want anything touching your neck and want your style to last for a decent amount of time this is a great option for you.

# 2 - Flat Twists

So maybe you don't want added hair and you wanna keep things natural, flat twists are a great option. A tip for making them last longer is to have a style so that when the twist do get old and the frizzes are out of control, you can take them out gently and shape (or style) your hair to how you see best. That's another style for one to two more weeks. That's about a month right there.

# 3 - Two Strand Twists

My personal fav. This is also a option for all the natural hair lovers out there (hey girl heyy). I mean...can you go wrong with two strands? You can treat them the same as you would box/knotless braids only this time you can unravel them when you're ready too and it's budget friendly. Like come one guys, it doesn't get any better than that.

So which is your favorite? Let us know by booking on the NRG Hair Studio website ( Until next time friends, bye!

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