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Minimizing Hair Breakage

Hair breakage happens often but that shouldn’t be the case and let’s be honest here, most times we are the reason for this. We make mistakes and we learn from them (me included). Here are five tips to help with minimizing hair breakage.

  • Trim your ends. It seems small but it helps out a ton. Don’t let three months go by without trimming your ends.

  • Moisturize your hair. Make sure your hair is getting the proper moisture it needs.

  • Limit doing hairstyles that pull on your edges. Braids are great every once in a while but you can’t get them consistently and then wonder why you have no edges/patches after a while #justsaying. Give your hair a break and do something tension free like twists a few times.

  • Gently detangle. Trust me I get it sometimes my patience when doing my hair is non existent but if you love your hair and want to take care of it you’re going to need to be gentle when detangling. Comb from the ends and work your way up to the roots. Try not to drag on a knot for too long or else you’ll forcefully pull it out along with some other hair.

  • Switch out your hair ties. Instead of using those thin painful hair ties, use hair ties that are silky or velvety that work with your hair and not against it. I personally love the jumbo velvet hair scrunchies that I found in my local beauty supply store for .99 cents. They are inexpensive and work great! (This is coming from a girl who has 4b almost waist length hair).

Well that’s it for now. I plan on doing a part two that goes somewhat in depth. This blog kind of touched on the surface but for now, it will do. Thanks for sticking it out with me today guys. Until next time, signing off.

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